Girls Short Sleeved Leotard With Skirt, Cotton - Elastane Burgundy

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SKU: 112CC100
Short sleeved classic cut leotard with skirt, made by Cotton - Elastane.
Colour / Χρώμα
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Leotard dress that has a flattering shape, allowing the dancer to do her demi and grande pliés with ease. Made of cotton - elastane, or lycra and mousseline of the finest quality, it is comfortable and durable with plenty of stretch that makes it ideal for your everyday training! Its vibrant colour will remain rich and it’ll become her favourite class uniform!

We only use EU fabrics of guaranteed quality.

All our leotards come with a “bound seam finish” which guarantees a clean finish as well as an ultimate durability to daily wear and tear (Raw edges will not raved as they are completely encased and it seams impossible to un-stitch).
All products come with a cotton crotch sewn in them allowing the area to breath. Cotton is sub-allergic, breathable and the most sanitary fabric for your skin.