General Terms of Use

The company under the name Interfil F&B Wear Co., hereinafter referred to as "Sheddo® Premium Dance & Active Wear", welcomes you to its website "".

The website promotes and sells clothing, footwear and accessories of classical and modern dance - gymnastics. Visitors to our website can take advantage of our offers through the electronic process recommended here.

A necessary condition is the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms described in the respective offer, but also of those contained below. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the following carefully before browsing, accessing, using this website or conducting any transaction available through it.

Each user can, in addition to the online market, place his order by phone.

A. General Terms

I. Participation in the service is allowed only to persons who have completed the eighteenth (18th) year of age and have full legal capacity. Each user expressly states and guarantees that when registering on the website "", he will provide true, accurate and complete information and that he has the required legal conditions but also the necessary ability to understand the terms and conditions contained in this contract.

II. The company Sheddo® Premium Dance & Active Wear has for sale through the website products whose promotion can be done at special prices and for a specific time or quantity under the more specific terms and conditions that are posted each time.

III. Sheddo® Premium Dance & Active Wear is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. The data stored for the information of the users will always be kept in accordance with L.2472 / 1997 and the Decisions and Instructions of the Personal Data Protection Authority. Users reserve the right to request at any time and free of charge the confirmation, modification or deletion of their data and their exclusion from receiving emails, by contacting Sheddo® Premium Dance & Active Wear at gdpr [at]

IV. Any user / customer can browse our website without giving any personal information or having created an account. Only when executing an order does the online store request the necessary information to execute an order. Specifically, for the convenience of the customer during the order, the creation of an account is requested, if he wishes. The customer has the opportunity to continue the order, if he wishes, without creating an account. Upon completion of the order, the necessary information for the issuance of the legal receipt, retail receipt or invoice is requested.

V. For reasons of safety and consumer protection, critical personal data of the customer's credit / debit card (credit card number, cvv2 / cvc2, expiration date) are not stored, the only data stored is the name of the cardholder for security reasons and order certification.

VI. offers SSL AES 256bit V3 encryption security, a trusted technology used worldwide for the security of Internet transactions. An SSL security protocol has been activated throughout the website, so that your personal data can be encrypted on our server.

B. Personal Account

I. Each interested party creates a personal account in, in order to make the desired transactions possible. At the same time, it makes it possible to control previous purchases, but also to facilitate future ones, to be informed about the account balance and to modify personal data, in order to avoid inaccuracies.

II. Each registered user (member) of is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his account password. It must notify immediately and without delay to the management of the website any attempt to violate its electronic account or any case of its use by a third party without authorization.

III. reserves the right to exclude any member from using the website and its services in case of violation of the terms hereof.

IV. The information kept by the members may be disclosed at any time to the competent judicial, police and administrative authorities, upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

V. In case the user wishes to delete his account (account) for any reason, he should contact our company either by email, at gdpr [at], or by phone at 210 99 42 873.

C. Purchasing Process

I. Every visitor of the website has the opportunity to express interest in buying a product through the personal account (account), which is called to recommend. At the stage of registration he fills in the required information in the respective fields (name, telephone, shipping address of the product, email address), while he explicitly states that he accepts, after careful reading, the present terms.

II. After the customer logs in to the website, through his personal account, he selects the product he is interested in. Special conditions may apply in the case of products offered at special discounted prices for a limited period of time and bearing a special mark for this purpose.

III. Then the interested party is invited to choose the payment method of the selected product / products.

ΙV. The expression of interest is finalised by pressing the "Complete order" button. At this point, in case a credit card or PayPal etc. has been selected as a means of payment, the amount, which corresponds to the value of the product, is bound in the name and on behalf of the company.

V. Upon successful completion of the electronic order, a relevant certificate is sent to the user's email address, which states the following information:

  • full name
  • product details
  • market terms and data (code - instructions)
  • amount paid or expected to be paid

VI. After the payment of the selected product is confirmed (an exception is established in the case that cash on delivery has been selected, in which case the product is paid at the same time with its delivery), it is given for shipment and delivery to the address stated by the buyer during the order process. . At the same time, with the shipment, the buyer receives a new e-mail, through which he is informed about the shipment and its code.

VIΙ. Upon delivery of the product, the legal documents (invoice / delivery note, retail receipt), which contain the purchase value, are attached and issued to the Buyer. Orelse the invoice and all the legal documents have already been sent to the buyer via e-Mail.

VIIΙ. Due to the nature of e-shopping and the lack of physical contact with the items to be purchased, the final recipient's expectations may be dashed by the selected product. The company tries through the completeness of the descriptions, which it posts on the website, to provide the interested party with all the necessary information. At the same time the company provides excellent quality European raw materials to ensure the minimum failure of products.

IX. The Buyer may withdraw from the contract of sale of the product or service within an exclusive period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the receipt of the product, necessarily with the purchase document and written notification of his request to the company in hello [at] sheddo .eu. (article 4 par. 10 of Law 2251/1994).

X. Regarding the promotion, distribution and purchase of products, the provisions of the current legislation on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994, as in force today with Law 3587/2007) are applied, as well as the issued Instructions based on the law. of the European Union.

*Important notice to all buyers: Sheddo® products are not available for immediate delivery. Αfter your order has been placed, it is communicated to our workshop that is given the product's code and size so that it can be created. This ensures the correct fittingquality and elasticity of the product. With this note it is understood that an order is shipped in 4 to 10 working days from the company to our customer.

D. Payment Methods 

1. Payment by Deposit to a bank account

By placing your order through our online store and selecting "deposit to bank account", your order will be placed on hold until you proceed to pay the full amount and email your proof of deposit by email to hello[at]

*We inform you that bank charges are always borne by the depositor.

For the best and fastest service for you, the deposit should be made within 3 days from the date of registration of the order. Otherwise, after seven (7) calendar days, your order will be considered invalid, without informing you.

► Bank Account

  • Bank: Alpha Bank
  • IBAN: GR4601403610361002330000386

2. Payment using a Credit/Debit card

I. Card purchases are made under the condition of legal use. Our system supports all cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Euro line, Electron, Classic, Gold, Business etc.

II. When entering the card details, the bank charges the amount of the order through its platform. You are not charged with cash on delivery costs and your card details are never shared with our company but only with the debiting bank. All banking transactions take place over an encrypted secure connection (SSL).

III. For the security of your transactions, they are encrypted with Eurobank's 3D secure security system. You can also check if you are on a secure connection by looking at the padlock that appears in your browser. In Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox, a padlock appears at the bottom right of your screen. In the rest of the browsers (Internet Explorer 7 and above, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc.) it appears at the top right at the end of the address bar.

IV. Our company neither intervenes nor has anything to do with the electronic payment process, for which the banks are solely responsible. Therefore, it is unable to store or process card details. This means that every time you want to purchase a product, you must re-enter your credit/debit card number and expressly state that you are the owner of the card or are making legal use of it.

V. The company is not responsible for the terms of use of personal data adopted by the financial institutions with which it cooperates to complete the relevant transactions.

VI. The company bears no responsibility in case of illegal use of credit cards. By entering the required credit card information, the interested party expressly declares that he has the legal right to use it.

VII. By providing credit card information, the consent of the interested party is declared for binding the amount of the offer and charging his credit card.

VII. In the event that the transaction, which is carried out through the credit/debit card, is rejected for any reason by the issuing bank or the credit/debit card network, the purchase cannot be carried out and someone else must be chosen as an alternative means of payment.

IX. Interfil F&B Wear Co shall not be held liable in those cases in which the debiting or blocking of an amount to the credit card is not carried out due to the fault of the Internet Payment Processing Provider or the Internet Service Provider (Internet Service Provider or ISP) of the bank. Cases of hardware or software failure, as well as failure to inform the company in time to complete the transaction, are indicated as examples.

E. Shipping Information

  • The Date of the order's shipment is defined by the amount of products that have to be produced for the customer. Under normal circumstances, the orders are sent off to the customer within 4-8 working days since the order's successful placement.
  • The shipment cost is defined by FEDEX|TNT policies and Interfil F&B Wear Co, is not responsible for any additional charges, except those written in the checkout process of your order.
  • For any wholesale inquires, send an email at the Export Manager, Mr. George Giappas, at info[at]

F. Return Policy

  1. For product changes-replacements it is necessary to contact the person in charge by email at hello[at] for the product's shipment agreement to take place. The products should always be sent back to the company, accompanied by the original Receipt, Packaging and also to not have exceeded 15 days time after the purchase.
  2. There is NO refund policy in our company. The customer either replaces the product, or is credited in his user profile with the amount.
  3. Interfil will not accept the return of any product that was used and treated improperly. The products must be in excellent condition and brought in its new packaging with all accessories.
  4. If the new product you choose has a higher price than the one returned, then the customer must proceed with a new payment process to pay the difference of the amount. However, if the new product has a lower value than the returned one, then the company credits the buyer with the difference on his card for the next transaction.
  5. In case of an agreed product replacement-change by the Company's fault, the shipping costs are billed to the company and in the case that the customer is asking for the change-replacement without the company's fault, the return cost is charged on the customer.
  6. In case of cancellation of an order, after communication and our acceptance, the shipping costs is borne entirely by the customer in both (2) shipments. In case of incorrect shipments where the company Interfil F&B Wear is responsible, the shipping costs are borne by the company.
  7. The customer is not obliged, in any case, to receive a package that is damaged or has been opened during transport. In case of acceptance of the parcel, the company has no obligation to change any damaged item or replace in case of loss, since the goods with any transport, always travel at the responsibility of the customer only.
  8. For any unreasonable claim between the consumer (only if he has the purchase document) of our company, the courts of Athens are competent and no explanation before the purchase of prospective customers is accepted for review.

Z. Changes to the Terms of Use

Our company reserves the right to modify these terms of use of the website, at any time without having to notify its users. Modifications, additions, changes or any deletions to the terms and conditions, take effect immediately, from their posting on the website. Every user who uses this website accepts the acceptance of these changes. For this reason, we recommend that you read the terms of use at regular intervals, in order to be informed in a timely manner of any changes in their content.

H. Intellectual Property

The design and content of the website, such as logos, texts, photos, graphics, database, functions and settings are the property of our company and are protected by Greek and International Legislation. No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without our written permission. Any reproduction, republishing, uploading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes, is permitted only with the prior written permission of our company. The appearance of the above content on the website, in no way can be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right of use of any of the above.

Our company reserves the legal right to defend any kind of defamation, in any kind of post, online, through an authorised lawyer and the Greek judiciary.

I. Limitation of Liability

The information that is listed and refers to the displayed products, comes from instructions and information that our company has received, from the manufacturer of the respective fabric and the raw materials.
Our company's concern is the proper operation of the website and the accuracy of its content. Under no circumstances can we guarantee that the site will not be infected by malware.
The company may change or discontinue any operation of the website at any time, including the availability or description of a product or service.
The company draws the user's attention to the possibility of access to this website being suspended or interrupted for reasons or problems related to the hosting servers.
For your banking transactions the company has ensured a secure environment by using the SSL protocol and cooperation with recognized financial institutions in Greece. Any problem that arises during the banking transaction concerns exclusively the respective bank and the user.

The company is not liable for the coverage of claims of third parties by their deception, due to copying, falsification of the page or usurpation of part of it by unauthorized third parties, who performed the above actions in violation of copyright and industrial rights of the company and users' ethics.
Our company, as its ultimate goal is the complete information of the consumer, it is possible to refer to links, which take the user to other websites. Our company, in no case, is not responsible for the content of these links or for any loss or damage caused to the user by browsing these pages.

II. User Responsibility

1. The user of the website agrees to use this website in accordance with the law and good manners.

2. The user accepts that he will refrain from any publication or transmission, in any way, of the content, which is illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, obscene and in any way contrary to good morals or is a violation of privacy of another person, shows empathy or expresses racial, ethnic and other discrimination or may cause harm to minors in any way.

3. The user undertakes to refrain from any action that infringes on patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights of third parties.

4. The user at the same time undertakes not to try or use files or programs, which are designed to interrupt, cause damage, destroy the operation of any computer software or hardware or even collect and store personal data of other users . Takes full responsibility for any damage caused by misuse or improper use of the relevant services.

5. In case our company finds any of the above violations, reserves the right to automatically delete the illegal user, while taking any action provided by law. It is not excluded to claim compensation from the company, for any damage caused by the tortious behavior of the user.

ΙΑ. Limited License

The company, under the terms and conditions set forth herein and all applicable laws and regulations, grants the user a non-transferable, personal, limited right of access and use of the website and its contents. In particular, the user is obliged to comply with all copyrights and other property rights and to refrain from any action, through which it intends to modify, reproduce, publicly present or use the website and its elements for any public or commercial purpose. .

ΙΒ. Secure Transactions

1. All information relating to the personal data and data of users is confidential. Our company has procedures that protect the personal data of users on our website.

2. The purchase of a product as well as the creation of a personal account on constitutes explicit acceptance and consent, on the part of the user, in his future information regarding the advertising or promotional actions (marketing) of products and services of this website. Users reserve the right to request at any time and without charge the confirmation, modification or deletion of their data and their exclusion 

from receiving emails, contacting our company.

3. Our company does not disclose the details of the users of the website and the transactions, unless there is a written authorization from them or this is imposed by a court decision or a decision of another public authority. Only authorized employees have access to transaction information when and where necessary. The user can request at any time all the information kept about him, as well as their correction in case the existence of an error is documented.

4. Access to the company's systems (servers) is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services, prohibiting access to systems and databases with confidential data and information of the company.

ΙC. Cookies

Due to the nature of the operation of a dynamic website, uses cookies to facilitate its customers and the operation of services through its website. Cookies are small text files, with alphanumeric content, that are stored on the visitor's computer. Without the use of this technology, it would be impossible to navigate seamlessly in our online store, since for identification purposes you would have to enter your username and password on each page. The specific cookies that we use exist only to make a session valid and are immediately deleted from your computer by closing the browser window.

It is possible to disable cookies from your browser. However, you must keep in mind that this technology is necessary for the operation of this website and any deactivation of them will make navigating and using our services very difficult or even impossible. Most browsers allow you to delete cookies and prevent them from being created for future browsing on the same site. It should be noted, however, that with this prevention some functions of the Site will not work properly.

ΙD. Applicable law

The above terms and conditions are governed and supplemented by Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international treaties. Any provision of the above becomes contrary to the applicable laws, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from the present, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms.