At the beginning of the year 2000, we decided to start a small business, opening a dance workshop, which we worked in with passion and our vision for success without compromises.

From the first moment it is noticed that dance clothes have a big difference from simple and everyday clothes, as the consumer public demands from the material the unhindered elastic movement, the high quality and softness of the fabric, but also the flawless visual outcome.

2000 - Interfil Beginnings

At first with small but steady momentum, they manage to make their presence felt with carefully selected materials and tireless - continuous work. Interfil company therefore begins to be active not only in the manufacture but also in the trading of Clothing, Footwear and Accessories, for classical, modern dance, gymnastics and activities.

It does not take long for the company to establish itself in the artistic scene of Greece and for this reason the Brand Name Sheddo® is created in order to promote the quality of its Greek Made Dance and Activewear more easily and collectively even abroad.

The excellent quality of the raw materials, the large and constantly expanding variety of designs and colors, the immediate customer service and the particularly friendly relationship with all partners, have allowed the company to establish itself in the sensitive and demanding field of dance (especially classical education and training), highlighting its reliability as a key supplier of selected dance and sports shops.

2002 - Interfil Shop

Simultaneously with the constant development of the company and the worker's skill set, the first store selling items of the Brand Name Sheddo® and of other Interfil partners, opens. The store gives an impetus to the consumer public to get to know the Brand and the impeccable quality of the products with friendly service and absolute knowledge of the item.

2005 - Sewing Room Modernisation

Due to the ever-increasing demand for Sheddo® products, in the year 2005 the company modernized and automated its mechanical equipment, in order to continue to meet the demands of its customers from whatever sector they come from, while at the same time expanding into the production of sportswear of clothing with the collections of Bustiers, LeggingsUnitards and even cycling shorts.

2012 - Shop Modernisation


In the year 2012, the store was moved from the narrow street of Argonavton 72 in Ilioupoli, to the more central location, at 126 Marinou Antipa Avenue, in the same area of Attica. The store is being modernized and re-designed to provide the customer with a unique experience of high aesthetics, unique decoration, absolute knowledge of the products and assistance in anything needed.

The success in Greece and abroad in "difficult countries" such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Cyprus and many others, prove to the public that Interfil's products were not made known and desired by chance, but that Interfil - Sheddo® is one of the best and highest quality manufacturers of dancewear.


2021 - eShop and Digital Catalogue

In the year 2021, after two extremely difficult years for the whole world, the company finally launched its Online Store with the ultimate goal of serving customers from all over the planet even faster, but also presenting the Sheddo® brand to those who were not aware of the Brand's existence and have no idea about the quality of the clothes and Interfils' people.

At the same time, we also made the decision to help the environment even more, by stopping the printing and publication of our Product Catalog in Paper, creating in its place a Digital Catalog in the form of an Electronic Book that is automatically and continuously updated.

Today, under the supervision but also the non-stop work of its owners and with the inclusion of specialized staff in each field, the Interfil - Sheddo® craft has distinguished itself for the excellent sewing of dance and activity clothes that it delivers to its customers. Our services are always provided with excellent service in mind.

The purpose of the company is to remain a reliable partner, offering people who love and serve dance, sports and activities, products of excellent quality.

Thank you for your trust in Sheddo® Dance & Activity Products!