Interfil - Sheddo®

Since the beginning of 2000, INTERFIL F+B WEAR Co has been involved in the manufacture and trade of dancewear clothing, costumes and accessories for both classic - modern
dancewear and sportswear, under the trademark SHEDDO

The excellent quality of the european origin raw materials used, the large and constantly expanding variety of designs and colours and a friendly relationship with all its associates, has allowed the company to become established in the sensitive and demanding dance sector.

This has enabled the company to establish itself as a reliable wholesale provider for selected dancewear and sportswear stores. Thanks to customer responses to the SHEDDO®
 dancewear collections and the awareness of dancers requirements, in 2005 INTERFIL F+B WEAR Co streamlined and automated its production equipment, in order to continue manufacturing new designs, while expanding production in its sports-outfit garment collections.

Our aim is to remain a responsive and reliable partner, offering outstanding quality products to everyone who loves dancing.