Girls Camisole Leotard Empire Dress Pleated Front Bra Lining, Lycra Matt Electric Blue

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SKU: 170CL103
Beautiful and airy camisole leotard featuring a ruffled neckline and a chiffon skirt made by the fines EU materials.
Color / Χρώμα
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Delight your young princesses with this dazzling leotard dress made by the finest quality of Cotton or Lycra and transparent Mousseline.

The key to a perfect leotard dress is that it's both comfortable and flattering. The ruffled neckline adds a chic touch to the leotard, while the chiffon skirt gives a peek of movement and beautiful flow. Whatever her style is, we have a colour to match!

It is beautifully accompanied by our purely made warm up tights and gaiters.

We only use EU fabrics of guaranteed quality.