Female Wrap Over Ballet Skirt, Mousseline (100% Polyester), Rosela

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SKU: SK85W-503
Female wrap over ballet skirt made of polyester muslin.
Size / Μέγεθος
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Suitable for all types of dance, but especially the classical and modern ballet, this skirt tied at the side will give comfort and style. Made of extremely soft material 100% polyester muslin, lightweight that breathes and is comfortable to use.

Polyester muslin has the appearance and texture of a cotton muslin, but with is in reality much softer. It is an ideal material for use in areas of high humidity and for temporary outdoor applications. This product is a good choice for dance costumes, school uniforms and high-activity activities. ballet, skating, yoga, sports.


  • Composition: 100% polyester.
  • Normal application.
  • Adjustable closure.
  • Gentle feeling.
  • Washable.