Fabric Cushion Pads (Foam) for Pointe Shoes (1 Set) Skin Colour

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Frontal toe protection pads made out of fabric and foam,ideal for use in all pointe shoes.
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Elastic and comfortable for complete protection inside the pointe and good shock absorption. Its enhanced composition provides maximum comfort by distributing the pressure of the finger force more evenly. Their special design fits better with the Pointe shoe line and its elegant shape, hugs the foot and prevents the cushion from slipping or accumulating inside the shoe.

Finger guards can be hand-washed carefully, can be reused and can be cut to size for a custom fit.


  • Wash with liquid soap with lukewarm / to cold, water.
  • After rinsing well with cold water they should dry in natural room conditions.
  • Do not place them on or near heat sources to dry as they will cause damage or be completely destroyed.
  • To prolong the life expectancy, avoid direct sunlight.